Waiting for transaction propagation

In the land of traditional ACID DBs, I often encounter code that is trying to collaborate with som external system using a queue or notification system. The problem is that is ending up sending the notification to the external system before the data has been committed to the central database. Then when the external system tries to query for data based on the notification, the data is not there yet (a different or outside a transaction).

The remedy I see most often is using a delay using Thread.sleep().

Why is this a problem? First of all you have no idea how long you may need to sleep, as it is affected by the transaction and data size and the amount of load on the database, so you will have to wait a long time just to be almost sure. The other problem you have now introduced is that all processes are now delayed for at least the amount of time the process waits.

This is probably known to many people already (but obviously not everyone) here goes:

private SomeNotificationService delegate;

public void process(final Object event)
  	new TransactionSynchronizationAdapter()
     public void afterCommit()

That’s it! Spring’s transaction handling will wait until the transaction is finished until it sends the notification (or not at all if the commit fails).

Simple, yet very powerful!

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